WonderFest 2022 – Flame Toys Jazz, Starscream, Cyclonus, Jet Power Armor, more reveals

Wonder Festival 2022 kicks off in Japan on July 23 with new reveals from Flame Toys kicking off the Kuro Kara Kuri action! New versions have just been revealed for Jazz, Iron Machinery Starscream, IDW Iron Machinery Cyclonus and Iron Machinery Jet Power Armor Optimus Prime! Read on to see official translated updates followed by preview images.

Decepticon warrior arranged and designed based on the IDW version comic. The prototype of “Iron Machinery Cyclonus” is exposed!

Autobot adjutant who loves earth cultivation at WF2022 held today.
The decomas of “Tetsuki Takumi Autobot Jazz” are on the bill! A high performance stereo speaker is also installed on the back of the door parts!

The prototype of “Iron Machinery Starscream” is exposed! Artwork of the crown and cloak/shoulder armor, which are proof of the new leader, are also released!

The prototype of the “Jet Power Armor” ironing machine, which will be an additional weapon of the “Optimus Prime (sold separately)” ironing machine scheduled for release in the future, is on display! It’s a masterpiece, so check out the prototype on location.

It was very well received as the first domestic sale of the iron skill series.
The decomas of the “Rodimus Prime” ironing machine are on display! We’re also showcasing all of the spare parts and weapon parts that will make up the largest volume of the Iron Machine Skill series!

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