Woman walker used stone to smash front and rear windshields of ‘casual lovers’

An angry woman used a stone to smash the front and rear windshields of a car belonging to her “occasional lover”.

Kelly Moore caused damage up to £ 5,000 when she targeted the vehicle while it was parked outside her work.

A court heard that another woman was inside the car at the time and saw the 45-year-old approaching.

She then asked the woman “What is your f ***** g name and was it?” Before using a stone and a “blunt instrument” to smash the front and rear windshields of the vehicle.

Now the outburst of anger has proved costly for Moore, of Roman Avenue, in Walker, after she was ordered to pay £ 1,500 in compensation when she appeared before Newcastle magistrates to plead guilty to one count of criminal damages.

Prosecutor Rebecca Slade said the victim and Moore had an “occasional relationship” between February and August last year.

The man worked as a delivery driver for a local fishmonger and had parked his car in front of the store on the evening of August 28, 2020.

Miss Slade continued, “A woman was in the car as he entered the store. She was in the front seat and, while she waited, the accused opened the door and asked ‘What is your name. of f ***** g and where is it? “

“She informed the accused that he was in the store. The accused started to walk away but could be seen by the woman smashing the rear windshield.

“She watched the accused walk back to the front door. She had a blunt instrument in one hand and a stone in the other.”

The court heard that the woman feared for her safety, so got out of the vehicle while Moore smashed the front windshield.

In a statement, the car owner said, “The vehicle was my work vehicle. It is off the road. I am out of work.

“This is going to cause me financial hardship.”

Magistrates were told the victim estimated the damage would cost around £ 5,000 to repair.

Karen Minhas, defending, said Moore had no previous convictions and turned around on the night in question.

She added: “Miss Moore felt that she was the victim’s prey. He used her to buy drugs for himself.”

Finishing Moore £ 120 and ordering him to pay £ 1,500 in costs, Presiding Magistrate Win Clayton said: “You have no previous convictions and I hope you don’t. “

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