What separates Utah Jazz from most opponents

The Utah Jazz’s 2-0 start highlighted their most notable advantages.

Continuity and communication usually go hand in hand on the basketball court. This is the case today for the Utah Jazz. They fired their top seven goal scorers from last season, and all seven were also part of the 2019-20 squad. Plus, they added a few new guys who now seem to buy into eighth-year head coach Quin Snyder’s chatty approach to winning.

Together, as you might expect, continuity and communication are Jazz‘s most notable strengths at the start of the season – talent aside, of course. As they look to repeat themselves as NBA regular season champions after posting a 52-20 record in the final round, those intangible advantages have stood out against two relatively young opponents.

The edge of Utah Jazz again in full screen

On Friday night, the consistent conversations on the pitch and the extreme familiarity among the Utah Jazz proved crucial for the team to overcome adversity against the Sacramento Kings (1-1), including head coach Luke Walton. , sometimes seemed to implore his players. to talk more. And the result was the Jazz’s impressive 110-101 road victory despite being six points behind at halftime.

Admittedly, after the expulsion of jazz veteran and famous talker Joe Ingles in the first quarter, the group needed a few minutes to recover. At the time, Utah suffered a 15-0 run in Sacramento to fall behind, 33-24.

But most of these Jazzmen have faced this kind of setback several times as a unit. So their eventual rebound, which appeared to start once the team’s remaining weapons started talking again during the game, shouldn’t have come as a surprise to their fans. This certainly encouraged Donovan Mitchell, as the two-time All-Star pointed out to the media afterwards:

“For us, correcting ourselves throughout the match – halfway through the game on the pitch and not during a time-out, not at half-time, but as in the moment – that’s one thing that got me. really marked. Really, it’s our communication… We were able to talk to each other, we were able to listen to each other, and we were able to go out and sort it out.

Mitchell suggested that what he and his teammates have shown against the Kings is something they should keep their hats on going forward:

“Over the years this might go down like, I don’t mean one of our best, but one of our biggest [wins] because of our persistence.

Hassan Whiteside was Utah Jazz’s most productive newcomer averaging 7.0 points, 9.5 rebounds and 1.5 blocks in 17.0 minutes per game. The 32-year-old center, who has opted for free agency for a back-up role over potential starting jobs elsewhere, appears to be endorsing what this group is selling while crediting its cohesion for much of its success:

“I think these guys are very experienced, and they’re a smart and savvy team… They made the game [against the Kings] easier for me.

Now, Utah’s enviable leadership and camaraderie may not be such a big advantage against the more veteran enemies to come, starting with the home fight against the Denver Nuggets (2-0) at 8 p.m. MT Tuesday. Additionally, younger teams can catch up in this regard as the season progresses.

Nonetheless, this Utah Jazz team looks quite ready to capitalize on their advantage as they can gobble up plenty of other early wins.

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