Trisha Yearwood reveals who almost cut ‘Walkaway Joe’ before her

Trisha Yearwood recorded one of the biggest hits of her career with “Walkaway Joe”, but in a new interview she reveals that another country artist nearly cut the song before she could.

“’Walkaway Joe’ was one of those songs the Judds actually put on hold,” Yearwood said. I Miss’ 90s Country Radio with Nick Hoffman on Apple Music Country. “And then the Judds went through that breakup because Naomi was sick and they broke up, basically, and Wynonna was getting ready to go into a solo career. So all the songs the Judds had on hold went back into the pool. , and ‘Walkaway Joe’ is one of those songs. “

Yearwood released “Walkaway Joe” as the second single from their second album Hearts in Armor album in 1992. The song gave Yearwood a No. 2 hit on BillboardThe ranking of the hottest country songs. His video for the song featured a then little-known young actor named Matthew McConaughey in one of his first roles.

Yearwood says Eagles The vocal harmony of singer Don Henley on the track is a key part of its success. Her participation was due to an unusually daring gesture on her part, she said.

“I ended up meeting him, and I’m not a bold person, but I boldly asked him if he would … because he said he liked my music. Record? ‘”, she remembers. “And he did, and that sort of thing was … I think that’s the thing that did … you know, sort of took over.”

The Yearwood interview premiered Friday (September 17) at 9 p.m. ET. The snow available on demand at any time.

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