Trade rumour: Rudy Gobert more likely target for Hawks in trade market, Jazz like De’Andre Hunter game

According to a recent mailbag article by The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner, the Atlanta Hawks should be paying attention to the trade situation with Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. He also mentioned that the Utah Jazz like De’Andre Hunter’s game.

Here is the section that talks about Jazz.

I’m watching Utah’s situation closely with Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. If either — or both — becomes available, the Hawks should be interested. I’ve heard the Jazz like De’Andre Hunter’s game, and he’s, theoretically, what they need the most going forward if Mitchell is the one they decide to build. Utah needs more perimeter defense, possibly worse than Atlanta, if you can actually imagine that after what we’ve been watching this season.

Should Mitchell or Gobert become available, I would say the latter is the likeliest option for the Hawks to land. There has simply been too much buzz in league circles with Mitchell at the Knicks should he be available. With Gobert, Charlotte and Atlanta would make sense as possible destinations. A pick package of Hunter, Clint Capela and Jalen Johnson plus could work salary-wise for Gobert, or if the Jazz prefer long-term cap space, Danilo Gallinari could replace Capela.

It’s an interesting business proposition. The price in this trade for the Jazz would certainly be Hunter could be the start of the Jazz looking to improve their perimeter defense. Hunter has a body that reminds you of Jimmy Butler, but his game still has a long way to go to get even closer to that type of player.

If the Jazz is looking to make a move with Gobert, that’s the type of trade you’re looking at. Getting picks, even late early rounds, is not something to be scoffed at. Over the past two or three offseasons, the Jazz have done as bad a job of using their picks as you could possibly do using their picks effectively in the offseason. A move like this could get the Jazz back on track filling the roster with young athletic talent.

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