The Rock tells the funny story of his mother who stole theater signs

Dwayne Johnson had a lot to say during his surprise appearance on the Warner Bros. panel. at CinemaCon 2022. With two DC projects waiting to premiere in theaters – black adam and the DCs League of Superpets – there were plenty of talking points to get across, but The Rock also shared a sweet and fun story about how cinemas have always taken care of his mother, but how she went a little too far.

Speaking directly to Cinemark employees during the Warner Bros. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson talked about a particular theater chain location in South Florida that his mother frequents, and from the sounds of things, people know she’s Johnson’s mother. They know because she told them…and Ata Johnson has developed a penchant for “stealing” her son’s movie signs.

My mother is my biggest fan, she loves going to the cinema… every time she goes to see a film that is not mine, often my signage will be in your lobby. So there were signs, I think it might have been Moana, when she went…she went to get the director of Cinemark and she said, ‘Hi, I’m the mother of the Rock.’ They’re like, ‘Hi, welcome.’ She’s like, ‘Can I have this sign?’ By the way, she did it several times.

This is an honest dilemma for theatre. What do you do if you’re the manager of a major theater chain and The Rock’s mother comes along and wants his sign? For example, despite the fact that he is there to promote a movie, you have to give it to him, right? Not true? It must have worked though, as the Rock later added to the hilarious story, thinking Disney head honcho Bob Iger got wind of it and called Johnson to give him a heads up.

The first time she did this was for Moana. I get the call from Bob Iger, ‘Hey Rock, listen, your mom is stealing signs.’

I have to like it. Of note, the 2016 animated film wasn’t even close to the actor’s first big hit. He had already reached the stratosphere with some of his best projects like San Andreas and Furious 7. Next, Dwayne Johnson will continue this tear of upcoming projects, appearing in Warner Bros. highly anticipated new DC movie black adam opposite Noah Centineo, Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge and Sarah Shahi, among many others. But this story of his Moana The era that happened when he appeared on stage at CinemaCon really stands out.

In the past, the actor has also shared stories about being able these days to give Mama Rock fun gifts, like a Cadillac for Christmas. Not everything about their relationship has been pretty stories and nice gifts. The Rock is notably open about the ups and downs of what brought him here, including his mother who is going through a lot in life. In 2018, it opened on instagram about his mother trying to “check out” when he was a teenager and how he saved her that day. Years later, he was able to help make her life a little easier.

One thing is certain, though: I guess when The Rock says his mom is his biggest fan, he really means it.

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