The Hard Rock Cafe celebrates its 50th anniversary by winding the clock back to 1971

London’s Hard Rock Café celebrated its 50th anniversary with waitresses Delia Lees (left) and Ewa Learmount, who worked at the restaurant when it opened (Dominic Lipinski / PA)

Diners were treated to a classic menu of burgers, ribs and cola floats at 1971 prices as London’s Hard Rock Café celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Some of the original waitresses returned for the special occasion while blue checkered tablecloths and a jukebox restored the restaurant to its original look.

The special menu included a 50p burger, 80p ribs and a 40p hot fudge sundae.

50th anniversary of the Hard Rock Café
Ewa Learmount, one of the original waitresses at the Hard Rock Cafe on Old Park Lane, London (Dominic Lipinski / PA)

The “Hard Rock Harley,” the original motorcycle that sat behind the bar when it opened, will also be in the restaurant’s Rock Shop next month.

Katrina Clarke, who has worked at Hard Rock for 36 years, said: “It’s really amazing to see the decor restored, and the menu with its 1970s prices is just awesome. We had a 1.5 hour queue all day.

“Back when I started in 1985, this place was truly a home for Americans visiting the UK. We are now one of the main tourist destinations, but it is still a friendly and welcoming place and people feel at home here. ”

50th anniversary of the Hard Rock Café
A menu displaying 1971 prices (Dominic Lipinski / PA)

The 60-year-old veteran waitress, who continues to work there four days a week, added: “People come here for the food but also to take a picture with Eric Clapton’s guitar or go into the vaults and see their favorite rock memories.

“It really is a special place, which is why many of us have worked there for so long.”

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