The best tracks from the rising star of country music

Known for his timeless voice and sophisticated style, Brett Eldredge has already had great success in his young career in Nashville – riding a wave of back-to-back hit songs, nominations for several different accolades, sold-out rooms and fans. faithful and worshipers. More so, the romantic nature of Brett Eldredge’s songs made him the most eligible bachelor of the genre.

In many ways, the rising country star’s success comes from the fact that his songs listen to a time when country music was about the trials and successes listeners have experienced in their lives. You can see for yourself below.

1. ” Is not it “

From: Come Back (2013)

Brett Eldredge kicked off a # 1 hit streak with “Don’t Ya”, and it’s the best possible way. With her remarkable voice mixed with a bass hook and rippling verses, you will definitely find yourself singing this song.

2. “Raymond”

From: Come Back (2013)

The Heartfelt Ballad tells the story of a care worker at a nursing home and his relationship with one of the patients, Catherine Davis, who believes he is her son Raymond – who died during the World War. Vietnam in 1971.

It was inspired by Eldredge’s grandmother, who also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for several years.

3. “Good day”

From: Sunday Drive (2020)

“Good Day” came during a self-awareness check-up for the singer. Eldredge realized his tendency to focus on the negative aspects of life, so he wrote the song as an encouragement to look at the good in any situation and start each day with a positive manifestation.

4. “Mean to me”

From: Come Back (2013)

The Simply Sweet Country Love Song finds the country crooner telling a woman how much she means to him. “I wanted to write a song saying to someone, ‘If I could mean half of these things, half of what you mean to me, then that would be amazing,” ”Eldredge said of the song.

5. “I want to be this song”

From: Illinois (2015)

When a reporter asked him what he wanted to do with his music or his message, he thought about writing the song that would poignantly capture who he wanted to be as an artist – and it was “Wanna Be That Song “for Eldredge. It turned out to be another No. 1 hit on Billboard Country Airplay while peaking at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

6. “Losing the mind”

From: Illinois (2015)

After three consecutive No.1 singles from his debut album, Eldredge proved he has a lot to offer by releasing the first single from his second studio album, Illinois. The sultry ballad finds the singer singing about a woman so irresistible it drives him crazy.

7. “Drunk on your love”

From: Illinois (2015)

While Eldredge’s “Drunk on Your Love” features a modern sound, it still uses violin and banjo – and of course, traditional country themes of love and drink.

8. “Something I’m good at”

From: Brett Eldredge (2017)

Eldredge co-wrote this wacky uptempo jam, which he described as a song “about accepting your flaws and your whims”. He finds him confessing that he might not be good at a lot of things, but he can make that special woman in his life smile.

9. “Gabrielle”

From: Sunday Drive (2020)

This bittersweet song finds Eldredge revisiting a relationship, recalling vivid scenes from the big moments, at the same time, wondering why the relationship didn’t work out. But despite the end of a romance, he wishes his lover at the time good luck.

ten. “Sunday driving”

From: Sunday Drive (2020)

The title track from Eldredge’s 2020 film album, The Touching Ballad is an old photograph coming to life in heartbreaking lyrics. He sings about how a simple Sunday walk with loved ones could be powerful enough to shape his perspective.

11. “The long way”

From: Brett Eldredge (2017)

From Eldredge’s eponymous third studio album, “The Long Way” is a “powerful look at love and this search for something deeper.”

12. “To love someone”

From: Brett Eldredge (2017)

This simple romantic song fills the air with his playful guitar playing as the country singer hums his hope of meeting someone special and carrying him away however he wants to. After all, “it feels good to love someone”.

13. “Shine”

From: Glow (2016)

In 2016, Eldredge released his first Christmas album as a tribute to the music he grew up listening to. The main song “Glow” is the only original song from her vacation project.

14. “The rhythm of the music”

From: Come Back (2013)

Fans got to see a more romantic side of Eldredge as he tells the story of meeting someone special and in an intriguing way possible – at the beach. According to the singer, the song was inspired by a time he spent in the Bahamas with his brother, where they rented a small boat to go from island to island and ran into a beautiful girl.

15. “Time well spent”

Of: Illinois (2015)

This trail suitable for the beach will certainly make you wish you were on vacation. But rather than focusing on a romantic story, it pays homage to those fun drunken nights. After all, it’s okay to waste time on a good buzz.

Other Brett Eldredge Songs You Must Listen To

Indeed, Eldredge has become one of the most promising stars in country music today. Check out some of his best songs below.

  • “Illinois
  • “You can not stop me”
  • “The reason”
  • “Castaway”
  • “A Mississippi”
  • “Trample my mind”
  • “Lose it all”
  • “Just a taste”
  • “Continue without me”
  • “Come back”

So this is it ! Hope you enjoyed this list of Brett Eldredge songs.

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