Taylor Swift says country stars can absolutely go pop

Taylor Swift – country / pop music legend, new TikTok user – has been in the music game for a long time!

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And she’s undoubtedly heard her share of outdated advice, not to mention an avalanche of guest groups explaining to her why she should stay in a musical lane.

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While posting on TikTok, Taylor made a video captioned “Country Girls Can’t Pop,” expert troll IMO. Next, she shared footage of her country-pop idol / pioneer Shania Twain, aka a perfect example of ABSOLUTELY pop country girls.

Best of all, Shania made her own video as a tribute to HER missing country idol, Dolly Parton!

“Thanks, @taylor swift! Shania wrote. “Appreciate you! Paying this one to another #DollyParton #MamaSaid # LetsGoGirls pioneer.”

THEN Taylor duet Shania’s video with the cutest response, “I stopped being a person, I exploded into a cloud of confetti hearts.”

“Queens of my heart,” called Taylor Shania and Dolly.

In 2014, Taylor talked to Ryan Seacrest on his fusion in the pop world on his 2012 album Red, saying, “The best choices are bold choices. With my last album Red, I kind of had one foot in pop and one foot in country, and that’s really not a way to walk and get somewhere. “

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She added, “If you want to keep evolving, I think eventually you have to choose a path, and I just picked the one that felt most natural to me at this point in my life.”

And in 2019 she said Billboard: “Going to pop is a whole different world. Country music is a real community, and in pop I didn’t see that community as much. numbers and texts – but when I started in pop it was a lot you versus you versus you. “

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Anyway, in conclusion: LET’S GO GIRLS.

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