Superman’s blue phase sent his classic costume to one of DC’s strangest creatures

Today we watch the mysterious alien creature known as Scorn, who briefly wore the Superman costume when Superman took on his blue energy look!

This is “You Act Like We Never Have Met,” which is a report on one-time actors from popular comic book series that were discontinued in the years that followed. Some of these are characters that would appear in comics regularly read by hundreds of thousands of people, but are now effectively mysteries.

The being that would become known as Scorn was originally introduced in the years 1997 Superman # 122 (by Dan Jurgens, Ron Frenz and Joe Rubinstein) as part of a storyline involving the bottled city of Kandor, which at this point in Superman’s continuity was a mishmash world of beings from all kinds of different planets (I’ll probably talk about the whole Kandor deal some other time. It was all around that time period in the Superman books). Ceritak was the son of Cerimul, one of the ruling council members of Kandor. These beings had lived generations trapped in the city and Ceritak was one of those young people who weren’t content to simply be captives of this city-prison, so he continually tempted fates, like heading towards the force fields. that trap them in the city …

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Well Superman had just come face to face with his powers and he was visiting Kandor to see if they could help him and in the process his new energetic powers got him through the force field and at the same instant Ceritak took was able to gradually move out of the force field and, to the people of Kandor, it was apparently vaporized. As he and Superman sort of shared the same space there for a second, Ceritak made some kind of connection with Superman. So when he escaped from captivity in the middle of the Arctic (where Superman’s Fortress of Solitude was located), he was drawn to Metropolis. .

He met Superman, who initially thought he was a villain until Ceritak proved his heroism. In the process, however, he also earned the name Scorn (since he didn’t speak English, so Scorn was one of the only things he remembered). At this point, Superman officially entered his blue energy period and was wearing a new energy containment suit. This left his classic Superman costume unoccupied and when Scorn’s connection with Superman drew him to Clark Kent’s apartment, he discovered the costume and he decided to start wearing it while making superheroes. in Superman # 125 (by Jurgens, Stern and Rubinstein) …

In what I guess was a riff on Thing and Alicia Masters (or maybe they’re both just riffs on Beauty and the Beast), Scorn saved Ashbury Armstrong, the blind teenage daughter of the Tory columnist. from the Daily Planet Dick Armstrong), and the elder Armstrong didn’t like his daughter hanging out with Scorn …

Scorn was now a legitimate player in Superman titles. In fact, when DC did its month “Face Forward” in October 1997, when Superman got one of the full face covers and Clark Kent the other, and a new villain, The Ripper, the Third and Scorn the fourth. .

Contempt helped Superman on occasion, but he was also stalked by Lex Luthor and there was this whole plot where Jimmy Olsen and Misa (a member of the Hairies) had magical powers. She was initially some sort of villain, but after Jimmy was forced to run away while Intergang stalked him, Misa took pity on him and began traveling with Jimmy and the two helped search for the captured Scorn and eventually helped him escape. …

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Scorn then had an intrigue where he tried to just move to Metropolis, including finding a job at a fast food restaurant that didn’t go well at all …

Eventually, Scorn’s father was killed and Superman was charged with murder by the Cyborg Superman (who had manipulated the people of Kandor into believing he was their savior). Ultimately, Superman’s name was cleared and Ceritak was able to stay with his family in Kandor, but instead convinced his sister to take their father’s place and he returned to Metropolis.

The problem, however, was that it is now 1999 and Superman’s titles are about to undergo VAST changes (Superman was back to normal in 1998), with then-editor Eddie Berganza. , planning to mainly clean the house and bring in new designers. (after his initial attempt to hire Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Mark Millar and Tom Peyer was quashed) and so Stuart Immonen and Jose Marzan Jr. probably felt like they just needed to close the Scorn deal, as we see in Action comics # 750 that Ashbury is facing major issues at school due to his gallantry with Scorn all the time ….

Presumably because he felt responsible for Ashbury’s troubles, Scorn pulls away from the panel somewhere in between. Action comics # 750 and # 751 and in this last issue Ashbury reveals that Scorn is missing and he left a note, but it was in his language so it was kinda pointless …

It was just when the story began where Superman tried to take over the world to protect it (influenced by Dominus, who was in fact recently a big part of the Infinite border to DC), so maybe Immonen had originally planned to give Scorn a full farewell rather than this mysterious one, but whatever his initial plans turned out to be Scorn’s big farewell and since he doesn’t It’s not clear if his people EXIST even technically in DC’s current continuity after New 52 (the bottled city of Kandor is back to a Kryptonian deal), they’ll likely never show up again.

But never say never! Not in the comics!

Okay, that’s it for this episode of You Act Like We Never Have Met! Please don’t hesitate to write to if you have any suggestions for future installments!

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