Struck By The Pandemic Blues, Here Is The Story Of Two People Who Struggle To Make Ends Meet | Case study

Since the start of the pandemic, Lakshmi Thukkaram who worked in a private hospital in Chennai has decided to quit her job and become a housewife. The 42-year-old has seen several of her colleagues become infected with Covid-19. Lakshmi said, “The well-being of my family is my priority. So I relieved myself from work and stayed home to take care of my family.

Lakshmi, who had just returned from the vegetable market, said: “Previously, with Rs 150 to Rs 200, we could buy vegetables for a week, but now with Rs 500, we cannot even buy enough vegetables for three. days.

The family of four, who now only have one person’s income to take care of the household, has had to make several cuts to their budget. The most important thing is to transfer their daughter from a private school to a public school. “The expenses were very high, even the schools showed no concessions. I had to change my child from a private school to a public school. In the private sector, his fees per term were Rs 50,000.”

The other factor killing the home budget has been the price of gasoline. “My husband is going to work on alternate days, and he is going to drop my daughter off at school every day and gas prices are very high and that affects us a lot.”

Venkatesh BK, who is a 33-year-old government-recognized tour guide works primarily with Germans and Europeans and has been without a source of income since the lockdown began in March 2020.

Since the start of the pandemic, Venkatesh has struggled to make ends meet: “Members of the tourism industry have been hit hard. It was the first industry to close and above all it will be the last to restart in this pandemic. 74% of global tourism has been affected, meaning that almost 8 million people in India are said to have lost their jobs in this sector, ”Venkatesh said citing data from the World Tourism Organization.

During the pandemic period, Venkatesh tried his hand at odd jobs. “I taught German and sold dried fruit. Initially, I went to an institution and I taught, and I did home delivery of dried fruits, but at the time the price of gasoline was Rs 80 per liter, but now it’s 103 Rs. -104 and it’s not affordable. So I only do online courses and sell dried fruit to people who come to buy here. It does not bring in any income to run the household, ”he added.

Venkatesh said earlier this year Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the right to a loan for tour guides.

“Although it was announced, no one was able to take advantage of it in the banks,” Venkatesh added.

At present, Venkatesh and his wife live on the money from a personal loan and the income from his teaching and selling dried fruits and a typing job his wife is in. down, that in itself will help reduce the prices of all other products. In addition, I would like to ask the government to grant tax exemption to the tourism industry for the next two years so that this industry can also survive, ”concluded Venkatesh while graduating in a German teaching session.

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