Should Jazz Chisholm Jr. be allowed to hit left-handed starting pitchers?

Jazz Chisholm Jr. is a Miami Marlins superstar. In fact, he’s the best second baseman in the game. There’s only one problem, manager Don Mattingly doesn’t like him hitting lefties. There are also other problems… supposedly. This is worrying because Chisholm needs to be a complete player, and to do that he needs to be able to hit both right-handed and left-handed pitchers. Do the statistics support Mattingly’s thinking? It’s pretty obvious that hitters generally hit same-handed hitters worse, but is it a good idea to do that with Chisholm?

Jazz Chisholm Jr. should be allowed to hit left-handed pitchers.

I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about Jazz Chisholm Jr. lately, which is only saying one thing…. you should vote for him in the all-star game next month! Chisholm hits right-handed throwers very well: .280/.341/.613 in 150 AB this season. Against lefties though….069/.067/.103 in 29 AB. The sample size is very small, so let’s see how he fared last season…

Last season, Jazz Chisholm Jr. hit .252/.312/.440 for 325 AB against right-handers and .237/.282/.388 for 139 AB against left-handers. I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s not great against lefties. He’s not good against them, but not terrible either. What I mean is that maybe he can improve.

It’s not uncommon to expect a 24-year-old to improve as he gets older and gains more experience. Is it really impossible for Jazz Chisholm Jr. to start hitting lefties better? It’s very likely, I think. The only thing is that Chisholm needs to get more AB against them. Give it more AB and only after a long enough sample should a decision be made.

Don Mattingly has to let Jazz Chisholm Jr. fight against southpaws. Chisholm can’t improve unless he gets more experience, he can’t get more experience until he gets more AB. Give it more Donnie AB. The longer Chisholm is in the lineup, the better the Miami Marlins will play.

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