Shootouts rise in US charts ahead of Canton concert

Over the past few weeks, Ryan Humbert, lead singer of The Shootouts, has frequently posted social media updates regarding the success of the band’s new album.

“Bullseye,” the second album by the five-piece group, reached 6th place earlier this week on the Americana Music Association’s album charts.

The Shootouts currently sit five spots below the Black Keys’ “Delta Kream”, the latest album from Grammy-winning alt-blues-rock band Akron.

Another measure of the success of the honky-tonk and the western swing group is in the sale of merchandise.

“I have shipped goods to people who bought them in Valencia and New Zealand,” an optimistic Humbert said last week. “Someone ordered stuff from Croatia (and) the UK, and that’s because we’re on the radio all over the world.”

"Bullseye" is the second album by The Shootouts, a retro honky-tonk, western swing country music group led by singer Ryan Humbert.  Songs from the album will be performed live on June 12 at an outdoor concert at The Auricle in downtown Canton.

Radio stations, blogs, podcasts and media attention are other indicators.

The North Canton resident estimated he had done 50 interviews to promote the album, which garnered rave reviews, including raving Rolling Stone Country on the first single, “Rattlesnake Whiskey”.

Sparking Interest in The Shootouts is a 12-track album bursting with upbeat country music with a modern polish.

Intertwined are sincere croons. “Forgot to Forget” features clever songs: “And when I pour the cream in my coffee, it looks like clouds in the sky. But they lose their shape shortly after a taste. It’s like the years go by. “

Another track is “Waiting on You”, which highlights Humbert’s soft voice for the ears, by turns sassy and sincere, as he admits: “A little smile from you, and I have everything. afterwards knew your heart I had to win. When you looked at my way, I fought the urge to say, we could be so much more than friends. “

“Saturday Night Town” features a domestic violin, a bygone twang, and feverish guitar picking. Humbert weaves a thread with rapid-fire bar stool authenticity.

The Shootouts will perform in a late-release concert on June 12 at The Auricle in downtown Canton.

“It’s going to be so nice to finally be able to present these songs to a live audience,” Humbert said. “Overall it’s a really fun album, and I know it will translate on stage. What better way to celebrate than to close a block and throw a party?”

Band member and bassist Ryan McDermott said he was “very excited to start playing in front of real humans again, and this June 12 show feels like we’re finally getting back to something that looks like normal.”

Ryan Humbert (front) and The Shootouts have been successful in the Americana charts and niche country music.  The region group will hold a record-breaking concert in Canton on June 12.

Ahead of the show, Humbert recently spoke about the success of “Bullseye” and what fans can expect when the group takes the stage.

Why do you think “Bullseye” was so well received?

“I should probably go back … in the spring of 2019 when we released ‘Quick Draw’, and that was our debut album. And we decided to follow our hearts here with the music that I love, and basically we We knew we were on to something, we felt so good about what we were doing, and it was really like we had found what we were supposed to be doing, and we started to see some success with that.

What were the challenges of recording an album at the start of the pandemic?

“We literally watch the world fall apart as we are in the studio trying to put everything into this album. It was a very strange time, being in Nashville after the tornado, and the first major week of the pandemic. – it was a weird time … but I thank (producer Chuck Mead) for keeping it going and keeping the energy going … we didn’t know when or how we could release it. … It was interesting because it gave us a chance to reset and say, “Hey, where are we going with this drive?” “

What’s the magic sauce in the new album?

“When Brian Poston and I started The Shootouts, it felt like I was making music with my heart rather than my head, and I just think there’s something that people connect with. been involved as I feel about the Shootouts. “

What is the place of The Shootouts in the music scene?

“We’re definitely a niche band. I understand that perfectly, but I also think this niche is ready to open up wide. I think there are a lot of people out there who don’t know they like country music. . I get people all the time who come to us at concerts saying, “I don’t like country music but I like you guys.” … We’re not going to be for everyone, I understand that, but if we can open eyes and ears for people then our mission is twofold – we can do what we love and also hopefully turn heads and bring some people to others forms of music that they could actually listen to. “

Ryan Humbert (center) and The Shootouts have been successful in the Americana and country niche charts.  The region group will hold a record-breaking concert in Canton on June 12.

How does it feel to reach this level of success?

“I don’t take anything for granted. It takes a long time to become a sensation overnight. And we’re not even close to that point yet.… I’m not looking at that (like), ‘Oh, man, we did. I see this as another step in the right direction, and it will continue to spark hard work for years to come. “

What’s next for the Shootouts?

“We have some other pretty important stuff in the works. I’m not the type to rest too much on my laurels.… I’m looking at this (like) we’re building a great foundation; let’s go on. We’re super excited about the show at The Auricle; this will be our first major public appearance in nine months. … Not only are we … going back to being a band, but we’re playing (new) songs to live for people and see the reaction. “

With the success of The Shootouts, do you already have plans to become a solo artist again?

“I can never say never, (but) I don’t plan on doing a solo album in the near future. I think it took me a little longer to figure out… my passion and this that was in my heart musically. … I’m not planning on putting the Shootouts aside to go do a pop record or something – that’s not where my heart is. too short not to follow your passion. “

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WHO: The Shootouts (with guests Anya Van Rose and Marc Lee Shannon) presented by Celebrity Etc and The Summit

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. on June 12 (doors open at 7 p.m.)

OR: L’Auricle, 201 Cleveland Ave. NW in downtown Canton.

TICKETS: $ 15 in advance via TicketWeb at and $ 18 at the door.


On the success of the new album:

Emilie Bates (backing vocals): “I think we were able to build on the success of ‘Quick Draw’ in a number of ways. We had the opportunity to work with Chuck Mead – an artist we really admire – who helped us refine our sound and those songs. We also had a good batch of songs from a few different songwriters, both within the band and a few close friends … “

Ryan mcdermott (bass): “We’ve all been (and still are going through) quite a traumatic time, so I think people are looking for a bit of escape. This album has love songs, breakup songs, silly songs, serious songs and even a song about being a moonlight. A little something for everyone. “

On the evening of the release of the Canton disc:

Dylan gomez (drums): “We’ve performed live a few times over the past year, but rarely in front of people. It should be a lot of fun.”

Brian Poston (guitar): “Yeah, it’s been hard sitting at home for so long. I really missed playing regularly and going to see friends’ concerts. The camaraderie of going out with other musicians is almost as important as playing an instrument. “

On which songs will go well live:

Ryan humbert (singer and guitar): “I love to play, ‘All I know.’ … It has such a runaway and anthemic quality. It’s just fun to play and sing. “

Emily Bates: “‘Hurt Heartbroke’ and ‘Saturday Night Town’ are two of my favorite songs to play live. They are two super fun songs that you can’t help but dance to!”

Dylan Gomez: “‘Missing the mark.’ I’m a fan of the good ‘Waylon’ groove. “

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