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Scott Lapine, left, a senior at Marquette Alternative High School, and Nate Johnson, an MAHS junior, wear socks collected from “Rock the Socks!” campaign to a bus that would take students to various locations on Monday. The community donated the socks as part of the annual campaign, sponsored by MAHS, to help those in need. (Diary photo by Christie Mastric)

MARQUETTE – If there is a season when people need socks, it is winter, and today being the first day of winter, what time of year is more suitable for giving out socks? socks ?

On Monday, students from Marquette Alternative High School loaded boxes of socks to distribute to locations across the region as part of the annual meeting Rock the socks!” “ countryside. MAHS sponsors the annual event.

The socks, which have been donated by the community, are placed at various drop-off sites in the area, after which they are collected and distributed.

Cynthia DePetro, who teaches English, Editing and Photography at MAHS, again led the campaign, noting that she was pleased with this year’s efforts.

The preliminary number of pairs of socks collected during the campaign was 5,781, an all-time high, she said.

“Everyone is so tired of COVID and tired of all the sadness and loss that we have had, and I think people want a way to give back to the community and make a difference. “ DePetro said. “People need socks.”

She admitted that the correct answer, however, is not new.

“We always have such a great response, so I think this city is still incredibly generous, but I think what I see this year are even more open hearts to do something. “ she said.

The sites where the socks were to be delivered were Maison Janzen, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, the Women’s Center, the Room at the Inn and the Maison Balise, all located in Marquette, as well as the local elementary schools.

The socks were dropped off at MAHS; Marquette High School; the office of the Center for Public Schools in the Marquette region; Sandy Knoll, Superior Hills and Graveraet Elementary Schools, Marquette; Cherry Creek Elementary School, Harvey; Bothwell College, Marquette; Ishpeming College / High School; Saint-Louis-le-Roi Catholic Church, Harvey; Wattsson & Wattsson Joailliers, Marquette; Embers Credit Union, Marquette; Monsieur McGregor’s garden, Marquette; Salon, Salon, Marquette; Alluma Yoga, Marquette; Yoga of Unity, Marquette; and Smarty’s Saloon, Negaunee.

December 3 “Throw the socks away” The event held at a Northern Michigan University hockey game was also a big success, said DePetro, with around 1,700 pairs collected.

“It was an important contribution”, said DePetro, who thanked the NMU hockey program and Bridget Kyle, assistant director of athletics and athletic administration / senior administrator, for their efforts.

DePetro praised MAPS.

“They support us” she said. “Every facet of our district got involved. “

Nate Johnson, a junior at MAHS, helped load the socks onto the bus on Monday. He called the “Rock the socks!” “ an event “cool” because it involved “Just giving back to the people who need it most. “

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