Rock City Eats founder to run for mayor of Little Rock in 2022

Greg Henderson says that if he’s elected, the first thing he wants to accomplish is better communication across town.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark – THV11 speaks with mayoral candidates in Little Rock. Currently, car dealer Steve Landers and Rock City Eats founder Greg Henderson have announced they are running for the job.

Greg Henderson edited the publication Rock city eats for ten years now, highlighting our local restaurants. Now he hopes to help Little Rock through politics.

Henderson graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in political science.

In 2018 he raced for Little Rock City Ward 1 manager. He lost to incumbent Erma Hendrix. Then in 2020 he ran for Little Rock City manager Ward 10. He lost to incumbent Joan Adcock.

Henderson says his story in this election helps him learn about needs across town: growing small businesses, better communication between town leaders and those who live in Little Rock, and solving long-term problems. term.

Henderson says growing our small businesses is key to growing Little Rock’s economy.

“When you look at big business, your big restaurant chains, or your big box retailers, most of the time they take small business away from success; and the small business ends up having a bigger impact on the local economy than these large businesses, ”says Henderson.

He hopes that if elected, the first thing he can accomplish will be better communication across the city, which he says will do more and create long-term solutions.

“You see, there is a lot of conflict, a lot of people disagreeing, a lot of arguments. There is a lack of trust between the town hall and the board of directors,” said Henderson.

THV11 contacted several times to set up an interview with Mayor Frank Scott Junior, but his office did not set aside time for us to sit down with him. He didn’t say whether he would run again or not.

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