Rock Bridge Women’s Tennis Wins 23rd Consecutive District Title

The sequence is still alive.

Rock Bridge women’s tennis won their 23rd consecutive district title on Thursday with a 5-0 victory over Timberland and will head to the state tournament with a 21-2 record.

The Bruins swept away the doubles in the District 4 Class 3 final before seniors Maggie Lin and Aparna Sivaraman each won in singles to win the tag team match.

Sivaraman won their match 6-0, 6-0 in fifth place in singles, while Prathy Premkumar won their match 6-1, 6-0 in fourth place in singles. Premkumar’s victory sealed the district title for Rock Bridge.

In Rock Bridge’s last eight games, the Bruins have recorded seven shutouts.

The achievement comes in addition to the individual district titles the Bruins won on Monday. Lin won the district singles title, while Sivaraman and Premkumar won the district doubles championship.

Rock Bridge qualifies for the state’s tag team tournament which begins Monday. The Bruins will play against MICDS, one of two schools that beat Rock Bridge earlier this year.

This match took place at the Columbia Duals, where MICDS won 8-1.

However, even a loss in the State Tournament wouldn’t take away the 23rd straight district title at Rock Bridge, a flawless feat.

Here are some athletic streaks that Rock Bridge women’s tennis have beaten since the first year of the Bruins’ 23 straight seasons at the 1999 District Championships:

  • Career of legendary MLB pitcher Cy Young from 1890 to 1911.
  • Brett Favre’s streak of 297 consecutive games played from 1992 to 2010.
  • Cal Ripken Jr.’s MLB record of 2,632 consecutive games with the Baltimore Orioles from 1982 to 1998.
  • The Boston Celtics’ eight peat in the NBA, where the Celtics won eight straight championships from 1959 to 1966.
  • NBA superstar LeBron James reached the NBA Finals from 2010 to 2018, with the Miami Heat from 2010 to 2014 and the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2015 to 2018.

NFL superstar Tom Brady was drafted in 2000, won seven Super Bowls and switched teams during that time, which leaves us wondering if the Bruins’ streak can outlast the career of Brady.

Chris Kwiecinski is the sports writer for the Columbia Daily Tribune, overseeing sports coverage for the University of Missouri and Boone County. Follow him on Twitter @OchoK_ and contact him at or 435-414-3261.

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