Rock around the Park offers unique challenges at Lamoureux Park

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Stroll in Lamoureux Park on a beautiful afternoon? Why not take part in a new challenge launched by the City of Cornwall?

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Launched Wednesday, Rock around the Park is a musical challenge that takes place over eight stations. It starts at the Cornwall Tourism Context Information Kiosk located at the entrance to the Cornwall Civic Complex.

Participants must use their mobile phone to read the QR Code located on the first panel. Each code on each sign invites a different song. All of these will contain a similar theme, which must be guessed.

Several residents have already completed it and submitted their answers.

“We’ve gotten a good response so far,” said Lorne Taillon, the city’s recreation and programming supervisor, “When I was in the park the other day, I noticed some people were watching. the panels, trying to get out. It’s new and it will take a while for people to figure out where everything is, but we have the map online and we have it all set up with signs in the park.

The musical challenge, which must change every two weeks, contains a long route and a shorter route, both of which have the same quiz. Participants can choose to do either of the routes.

“We are planning on taking on a new challenge every two weeks and I can imagine we will be running through the summer months and into the fall,” Taillon said. “We noticed that a lot of people, due to the pandemic, were walking in the parks and we thought something new to give them another reason to get up and move around would be a good idea – everyone loves the right challenges.

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“We had heard of another trail program that made music. We ended up wanting to do something similar and then it kind of evolved into stations. “

At the end of the two weeks, the city will hold a draw with each entry submitted. To be won, a gift certificate at a local restaurant.

Residents who aren’t too much into music, however, don’t have to worry – the draw doesn’t depend on the correct answer. It’s based on participation – anyone who completes a ballot and drops it off at the Cornwall Civic Complex tourist kiosk will be eligible to win.

“The theme is the challenge, I wouldn’t say it’s easy,” Taillon said. “It takes a bit of thought and thought. We think we have a pretty good hitting here, ”Taillon said.

According to Taillon, ideas similar to the musical challenge could be unveiled in the near future. He also referred to a significant increase in foot traffic in the city park during the pandemic.

“Lamoureux park of course and Guindon park as well,” he said. “It was phenomenal. If there is anything good that comes out of the pandemic, it is that people really appreciate our green space and our park lands in the city. “ Racine

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