Reba McEntire doesn’t approve of “Bro Music” in country

As a country music megastar for over four decades, Reba McEntire is sure to have a taste of what sounds work best for the genre. Of course, that means she can also have an occasional opinion on what goes wrong. And she has publicly stated that she doesn’t think “brother’s music” belongs.

So what does she mean by “brother’s music”? And what kind of country does she prefer?

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Reba McEntire likes the “real strong country”, not the “bro trend”

As a living country music legend, it goes without saying that McEntire knows what works and what doesn’t. And she said she didn’t like the “brother culture” in the country.

“It’s the brother trend. You know, ‘Hey brother, let’s go down to the river and catch some fish.’ And everyone is “good old man” and this is “the music of the brothers”. We’re moving away from that a bit, ”she explained to PBS News Hour.

For a different definition: “Country taste the staff recently worked to define the country of the brothers and stopped on songs that include trucks, a small amount of objectification from women, a clearing at the end of the road where physical affection will take place and some amount of strong alcohol (this one is crucial). “

So what kind of country does McEntire prefer instead? “I would really like this to come back to the real strong country,” she said. And to be more specific, she shared, “The land of Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap and Mel Tillis. I miss this kind of country.

Reba McEntire Wants To See Country Singers Support Each Other

While McEntire and other women have enjoyed a long and successful career in country music, she has publicly stated to express her sadness at the general lack of female representation. When no female artist was nominated for Artist of the Year at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards, McEntire said Entertainment tonight it was “disappointing”.

“But the country music business is very cyclical. It will go very traditional with the music or it will go very contemporary. Girls dominate or boys dominate, so it happens, ”she said. “I have Faith.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean she thinks anyone should give these cycles a chance in the country music industry. She believes that women should support each other and continue to dedicate themselves personally to their talents.

“I just know, we girls have to work harder,” McEntire told PBS. “We have to support each other. We have to go in next year. It must change.

Reba McEntire ushered in a new kind of country

A 1993 article on McEntire and Women in Country Music Seattle weather revealed the air of feminism around her at the time. Her songs deviated from the classics of female country icons of the time. She and other women like her were proving they weren’t a heartbroken monolith at all.

McEntire represented a girl-power trend. “If a puny cowboy cuts and runs, Reba McEntire – the working mom this year runs my own business, give me no problem, country queen – only says one thing,” Jennifer L Stevenson wrote. “Girl, you pull yourself together and keep moving. “

“Not content with just supporting their men, singers are asserting a feminist message that has not often been heard in music, especially not in country ballads,” Stevenson noted. So, ultimately, McEntire’s distaste for “brother country” could be related to the apparent lack of a place for women to star in the genre.

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