Ravens wary of underdog Blues

Adelaide defender Najwa Allen’s side refuse to take Carlton lightly, despite the Blues recording just one win in four games this season.

The Crows and Blues developed a strong rivalry after the two sides met in the 2019 Grand Final, which led to Adelaide claiming a second Premiership.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Allen, part of the Crows’ strong defensive unit, said his team was proud to have won four straight this season but would not become complacent.

“I think we’re aware that it makes them a bit more dangerous, the fact that they haven’t had such a strong start to the season,” Allen said.

“They will come out shooting for us.

“I think we’re aware that makes them a bit more dangerous.

“Personally, I always think when you start getting ahead of yourself, you’re asking for a loss.

“We’re happy with the start to the season we’ve had but I still think ‘don’t jinx it’.”

The Crows will be without skipper Chelsea Randall this weekend after re-injuring her right hamstring in the fourth win over Melbourne.

Allen said it was disappointing to have Randall, but his positive attitude and voice on the sidelines would help energize the team.

“It’s always better when you have Chelsea Randall on the pitch,” Allen said.

“I mean the opposition won’t say that, but for us it’s always better for us to have him on the pitch.

“Chelsea Randall is one of the most selfless and courageous leaders you can meet.

“I was a little worried about where she was at and she immediately said to me, ‘Don’t worry about that, I have complete confidence in everyone to do the job with or without me’.

“Right away she comes into this role of ‘How can I help’ in a non-playing capacity.

“Pretty much everyone gets involved in those big moments, which she herself does all the time.”

Adelaide is set to take on Carlton at Ikon Park, Victoria on Sunday at 2:40 p.m. (ACDT).

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