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“Such a beautiful blue! a Facebook user commented on the rare blue lobster.

POSTED JUL 21, 2021 7:09 PM IST

A fisherman from Massachusetts, USA, stumbled upon an extraordinary discovery: a rare blue lobster. Photos of the find have since gone viral after being shared on Facebook.

Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company posted photos of the rare find after Lobster Toby caught the crustacean. The lobster was then returned to the water.

“Our lobster Toby caught this extremely rare blue lobster. He decided to bring it to photograph it, then to put it back in the sea, ”details the message shared with the photos.

“It’s luck that this one got into one of its traps,” Joey Ciaramitaro, co-owner of Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company, told Fox News of the blue lobster. He also mentioned that the company encounters such blue lobsters “every two years, on average”.

Take a look at the photos of the blue lobster below:

Shared on July 17, the post garnered over 120 shares and multiple reactions on Facebook.

“Such a beautiful blue! commented an individual. “The color is so beautiful! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing! “Added another.” Great job releasing it, “posted a third.

What do you think of this rare blue lobster?

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