Pop Country Duo Render Sisters Delivers Sassy Advice For Former Boyfriends In A “Little Dreamer” Harmony Infused Acoustic Bop | state

NASHVILLE, Tennessee., July 19, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Pop-country duo Render Sisters continue an impressive year with their upcoming fourth single, “Little Dreamer,” a song that finds the harmonious sisters of Arkansas offering playful but candid advice to old boyfriends.

“The idea behind the song actually started when we were driving home from school one day and saw a stray dog ​​on the side of the freeway,” said Mary-Keaton. “Stella’s face lit up when she said ‘You know what? Guys can be like stray dogs; you feed them once, and they keep coming back.’”

Taking this idea in the studio, Stella and Mary-Keaton Render continue to build on their growing collaborative writing and recording sessions with hits Nashville songwriter British Cameron (Don williams, Jon Pardi, Dillon carmichael), who has co-authored and produced most of the Render Sisters catalog since their emergence in 2020.

“After Stella’s reveal by the side of the road, we released our songbooks for our next songwriting session with British Cameron, knowing we had to write a song about this stray dog ​​and the guys coming back, idea, “continued Mary-Keaton.” We even decided that would be a good opportunity for our own stray dog ​​that we decided to keep, Lacey, to make an appearance in our new lyric video for the song. So here are the boys, there is the one we really kept! “

Unique name: “Little Dreamer”

Release date: July 16, 2021

Label / Distribution: PCG Artist Development / Distro Kid

Written by: Mary-Keaton render, Stella Render, British Cameron

Audio produced by: British Cameron

Lyric video produced / directed by: Jennifer mcgill

The Render Sisters are a young country pop duo from Pine Bluff, Arkansas who were influenced to become songwriters by their grandmother, a music teacher. Having graced many small town scenes since elementary school, throughout their home state of Arkansas, these harmonious southern teenage singers are now ready for bigger stages. Their first songs “Lost Boy” and “Count On Me Count On You” premiered in 2020, with videos for the song being featured on The Heartland Network, The Country Network and WGN-TV. In 2021, Mary-Keaton and Stella Render were honored with their first round of Grand Prize nominations as Recording Artist, earning two Arkansas Country Music Award nominations in two separate categories; Young Artist of the Year and Video of the Year for their first music video “Lost Boy”, and also becoming the first Young Artist of the Year to be nominated in a second award category. They also released several new songs, including the fun and upbeat country bop “Black Roses,” which was accompanied by another vibrant and colorful video directed by the country music icon. Pam tillis. They have also made national television appearances in RFD-TV’s Market Day Report and in the Emmy-winning television show Teen Kid News. Even prominent Music Row journalist and country music authority Robert K. Oermann summarized in his weekly column, “Their talent is far beyond their years.”

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