Paul Cauthen unveils “Country As F – k” and announces new album

Big Velvet is back with a bang: Paul Cauthen’s swagger-filled new song, “Country as F – k,” arrived on Thursday, November 18, and with it, the singer shared that he had a new album in preparation.

The new song and its music video are tongue-in-cheek statements of Cauthen’s country credit. In the clip, the singer is seen gulping beer in front of a television set, hosting a grill outside a trailer, and riding in the back of a limo, decked out in shades, in a cowboy hat. and a shirt with the flag of Texas.

“What can I say, I went on this one,” Cauthen says Rolling Stones Country, who created the video. “I’m first and foremost an artist and songwriter, but I’m also an artist and a country boy at heart. I wanted a song and a video that would show those sides of me too. A little mischief, a little fun Let that indoor flag “Country as Fk” fly.

The new track is one of 10 that will appear on Country that descends, a new album by Cauthen slated for release on April 1, 2022. As “Country as F – k” suggests, much of the tracklist will be celebrating an irreverent good time, NSFW, along with other tracks like “F– k You Money”, “Champagne & a Limo” and “Country Clubbin ‘”. But there are also more tender moments on the project, like a track called “Till the Day I Die”, which showcases the singer’s dedication to his wife.

Cauthen co-produced the new project with Beau Bedford and Jason Burt at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, Texas. It follows on from its 2019 project, Room 41, an album that faces a dark, drug-fueled hollow in her personal life after a devastating breakup.

Paul Cauthen, Country that descends List of tracks:

1. “Country like F – k”
2. “Caught me at the right time”
3. “High heels”
4. “Country Clubbin ‘”
5. “Champagne & a limousine”
6. “Fk You Money”
7. “Cut a carpet”
8. “Until the day I die”
9. “Roll over”
10. “The collapsing country”

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