NFL Draft: Player Spotlight – Anthony Blue, Newberry

2022 NFL Draft Anthony Blue Newberry Defender

Get to know Newberry defenseman Anthony Blue who will be in Pasadena, Calif. For the NFLPA Bowl 2022 NFL Draft All Star Game.

A four-year-old and standout starter, Newberry cornerback Anthony Blue is one of DII’s top prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft. Selected to AP All-American First Team, South Atlantic Conference and Division II All-Southeast Region, Blue has racked up numerous accolades over the past four seasons. He ended his Wolves career with 173 tackles in 37 games and 9 interceptions, including six leading the team in 2021 (plus 16 missed passes). Blue will be just the second player in Newberry (Corey Washington) history to compete in the 10th Annual NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. The NFL Draft Bible was fortunate enough to catch up with him ahead of the event.

What can you tell us about your hometown and family life growing up?

My hometown is a small town outside of Florence called Dillon. I grew up with my brothers and a sister and we were all raised by our mother.

At what age did you start playing soccer and when did you fall in love with the sport?

I started playing football when I was seven. I fell in love with the game the first time I started playing. I love to play football, it was my favorite place on the pitch.

Who is someone who has influenced you and what valuable lesson have you learned from them?

The person who has had an influence on me is my cousin Joe Blue. The lesson I learned from him is to fight against adversity.

When an NFL scout appears on your play movie, what to expect, can you provide a self-scout report?

A scout should expect to see me ready for every room, a diligent player, and someone who understands what’s going on in every room.

How would you describe your leadership style (leading by example, vocal, individual, other)?

I am leading forward. I’m generally a calm person, but when it comes to football and leading my team I’m very vocal. I also give individual advice to my teammates and just lead by example on and off the pitch.

Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced in your career (player or team), how did you fare?

West Florida has been the toughest opponent in my footballing career so far. I gave it my all and led the defense to the best of my ability.

What is your favorite memory that you will cherish from your college career?

I will cherish the lessons I have learned and the friendships I have made. I have been able to encourage and lead many young players who admire me and I will never forget those who ask me for advice.

Name a time in your career when you faced adversity. What did you take away from this experience?

As far as grades, school and football go in my freshman year of college, it was a big transition for me. I had to overcome the workload and manage my time well, which I did. I found what worked for me and learned that I need to make a schedule that helps me get everything done.

Have you suffered serious injuries throughout your career? If so, what did you learn from this process?

In 2017, I tore up my LCL. it took me a few weeks but i learned from this injury how to come back from an injury better than before but i had to go through the recovery process to do it.

What does nobody know about you?

I love to read and research things that are going on in the world.

If you can take a teammate to a fox hole, who do you take and why?

I would bring in David Vereen, the chemistry we have on and off the pitch is great.

Have you already selected an agent or a combined training center?

My agent is Justin Turner from NFL Agents and I will be training at Velocity Sports in Charlotte, NC.

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