Navaratri: brighten up your thamboolam bags with thoughtful return gifts

Now we have made a habit of celebrating Navaratri in the midst of a pandemic. If last year disinfectants and masks ended up in bags of thamboolam, this year is all about recycling, reuse and eco-responsibility. Whether it’s gifting personalized artwork for recycling old sarees to make fabric bags or sending handwritten mental wellness notes, people are choosing the idea of ​​this time around. a thoughtful gift. We’re talking to a few, who share some thoughtful gift ideas.

Cloth bags to win
Media professional Jhanu Shivakumar reused her mother’s old saree and made them into bags. “It’s a pretty sari, but part of the sari got damaged. So, I cut that part and asked my sister to convert them to cute pais surukku. Well, that way the saree isn’t wasted, but makes pretty reusable bags, ”she says. Media planner Shrinika Naveen adds, “I try to avoid as much plastic as possible and have someone sew some fabric bags. They are environmentally friendly and can also be used later. Sunitha Vaidy, a teacher, who also donates fabric bags for Navaratri, says she has found a group where children with special needs make them. “Instead of buying it in the store, I found this gurukulam on Instagram, where children with special needs make block bags. It’s my little contribution for them, ”she says.

Personalize the gifts with your talent
Shalini Rajendran enjoys painting and recycling old bottles with colors in her spare time. So she decided to add them to her thamboolam bag. “I reuse the glass bottles, I clean them well and I paint them. Instead of giving a store-bought gift, giving something personalized like bottle art, painted coasters, and bookmarks, among others, makes me happy. I’m sure the guests will cherish these gifts, especially since they’re handmade, ”says Shalini, who starts working on them two weeks before the festival.

A reminder for your mental health
Singer and musician Sowmya Mahadevan, who brightens up her kolu every year, this time adds an interesting touch to her thamboolam bag. She gives her guests handwritten notes, a reminder to let people know they are loved. She says, “I was facing something similar and by chatting with colleagues and friends from various circles, I learned that mental health was the least discussed topic. Many of them have been conditioned to ignore mental health and treat it as “usual stress”. Some did not even know if it was called anxiety. They assumed and felt guilty that they overreacted to situations. And since this pandemic has hit many people to deal with a sense of uncertainty associated with anxiety and panic attacks, this time I’m focusing on mental health. I plan to give guests handwritten notes to let them know they are loved, outside of the usual thamboolam.

Plants to be won
The culture of working from home has turned many people into parents of plants. People were particularly interested in plants and we think this is the best time to give them one. Many nurseries create interesting packages. While plants are now considered a corporate gift option, people can also take the opportunity to give plants to Navaratri. There is an array of choices, from easy-to-care plants to houseplants. We’re sure even those who don’t have a green thumb will appreciate your thoughtful gift.

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