Naughty By Nature’s Vin Rock wants to “ return wealth to the community ” with Money Avenue

If you are an older hip-hop fan and recognize the hymns of “Hip-Hop Hooray”, “OPP” and “Uptown Anthem” then you are very familiar with rappers Treach (Nee Anthony Criss), Vin Rock. (real name Vincent Brown) and DJ / producer Kay Gee (Keir Lamont Gist) – members of Naughty By Nature.

You may also remember that the group had their own fashion line and their own merchandise, led by Vin Rock. Treach was known as the group’s leader and lyrical terrorist; Kay Gee was the mastermind of the production and possessed the skills of the turntable. While Vin Rock took care of the mic, he was best known for his business acumen.

It’s always like that. According to AfroTech, Vin Rock has in partnership with a financial expert, Donahue Baker, to start a financial company called Money Avenue.

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Money Avenue is a fully black-owned digital financial services platform that provides services such as residential mortgage, investing, personal finance, and life insurance nationwide.

“One of the things that I hope to accomplish with my role as a Community Outreach Officer for Money Avenue is to reach people that other people – other investment firms – don’t or don’t reach. not achieve, ”Vin Rock told AfroTech. “It’s one of our unique value propositions: giving access to capital to people who otherwise wouldn’t have it.”

“People need to understand that we are not VCs,” Baker added. “We’re here to help people like the underbanked and the unbanked learn about things like non-predatory loans. Things like not putting up a personal guarantee when you accept a loan. Things most people don’t think about when they are “underbanked” or when they are not used to a work environment. “

“It’s time to give the wealth back where it belongs: to the community,” Vin Rock said. “The only way to return wealth to the community is to take it back.”

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