Morgan Wallen’s CMA Awards eligibility stirs up country music fans

After being deprived of several accolades, including the ACM Awards, following his racial slurs controversy in February, it was announced Friday that Morgan Wallen would not be eligible for the solo awards at this fall’s CMA Awards, although it still qualifies for nominations in the collaborative categories. The Country Music Association announced its voting schedule on Friday, and according to Deadline, issued a press release stating that eligibility for Wallen’s 2021 CMA Awards will be limited to “categories that honor artistic works.”

These categories include Single, Song, Album, Musical Event, and Music Video of the Year. The decision was taken so as not to limit the opportunities for its employees. The 28-year-old will not be eligible for the Male Singer of the Year and Artist of the Year categories. Wallen was never nominated for either Male Vocalist of the Year or Artist of the Year, but he did receive the New Artist of the Year award in 2020. The first nomination form for 2021 will be sent to CMA voters on July 6 and the eligibility period for that year. The awards are from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. The controversy surrounding Wallen’s use of the n-word has raised a lot of opinions, both from the country music industry and from fans.

“There are journalists banned from CMAs for talking about racism / sexism / gun control / politics, but Wallen, who has openly escaped being a piece of s —, is openly urged to come back. . Country Music Association! ” tweeted music journalist Olivia Ladd. “The only thing more disgusting than the situation at first glance is the number of people on the CMA board who act in a successful and progressive manner but are part of decisions like this. there is no accountability for white supremacy. “


“Country artists are not entitled to receive a CMA Award and a lot of them who are far more talented than Morgan have ever done either,” said one fan. on Facebook. “And yet his music is constantly in vogue and on the menu due to racists wanting to gas him even to this day. Cancel it completely NOW,” wrote another review on Twitter.


Others have pointed out that while Wallen’s actions were bad, it wasn’t fair that the people who had worked on Wallen’s music faced career setbacks because of him.


There were a lot of country fans who vocally supported Wallen online as well, probably the same people who still buy and stream Wallen’s album. Dangerous.


Many believed Wallen’s apology was enough to absolve him for his use of racial slurs. “Everyone deserves a second chance and a forgiveness”, wrote a fan.


“Glad he wasn’t ‘canceled’ like Chris Harrison,” tweeted another fan. “People need to grow, learn and educate themselves.”


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