Mizzou returns to face FCS opponents and other football notes

It’s Tuesday of week 3 on the college football calendar, which can only mean one thing our Mizzou Tigers … it’s time to play in an FCS school!

I know what you are thinking, “When did week 3 ever mean playing at an FCS school?” And you know what, you’re absolutely right! However, Mizzou’s schedule is falling oddly this season, which means the Tigers won’t return to SEC play for a few weeks after dropping out of their first conference game of the season. For now, the Tigers will return to face opponents from FCS, against whom they are undefeated in the last dozen tries.

Here is that data, along with some other notes from the program.

“I really like the coaches there,” Shaw said. “I have a good relationship with them … Coach Cuonzo (Martin) and coach (Chris) Hollender, as well as the other coaches. They were awesome. I was with them all the time. We went out to eat and see the campus. I was also able to go to Cuonzo’s and we had dinner. It was great to be up there, they really pushed the NIL stuff… the brand and stuff like that.

  • Speaking of rookies talking about their top schools, Luther Burden discussed his ongoing process with Rivals over the weekend.
  • Sophie Cunningham has shown up for the Phoenix Mercury this season, especially at long distance. She currently ranks 6th in the WNBA in three-point shooting.
  • Amari Davis gaining strength? Attention, SEC …
  • Happy late birthday, Truman! Thanks for being you.

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