Minister uncommitted and must get the job done on crawfish industry changes

Minister uncommitted and must get the job done on crawfish industry changes

Primary Industries and Water Minister Jo Palmer needs to be candid about proposed changes to Tasmanian rock lobster fishery rules and policies which have the potential to destroy regional communities and the Tasmanian way of life.

I invite Ms. Palmer to immediately describe what she called “misinformation” regarding the proposed rule and policy changes.

It is true that small-scale fishermen will be affected by the changes announced by the government, namely the extension of the 60-pot rule.
The Minister has not broadly engaged on this important issue regarding a valuable public resource and simply seems to rely on her department to get the job done.
Minister Palmer was in St Helens recently but did not meet the small-scale fishermen who will be affected by this rule change, despite a personal invitation.

How can the minister make an informed decision and say she consulted when she did not personally reach out and engage with those affected?
I will facilitate the minister’s meeting with these fishermen. I personally invite the minister to meet with these fishermen in my office. I know they will make themselves available because this issue is extremely important to them.

I sincerely hope that the Minister will not simply bow to pressure to implement this rule without getting the job done, as this is a decision that will have devastating effects on regional communities in our state.

Janie Finlay MP
Shadow Minister for Primary Industries

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