Man accused of spray-painting ‘no more masks’ on rock at primary school

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) – The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man accused of spray painting “more masks” on a rock outside an elementary school.

Deputies arrested Logan Rada, 46, of Isle of Palms, charged with malicious injury to personal property, $2,000 or less. Rada surrendered to authorities on Wednesday.

The investigation began Tuesday morning when a deputy responded to Sullivan’s Island Elementary School for someone vandalizing a rock at the entrance to the school. The rock is normally used to display decorative messages.

The deputy saw that someone had written in blue spray paint “no more masks”.

According to school officials, the rock was vandalized over the weekend.

The discovery was made when a person paid to decorate the rock came to the school, saw the message and told the principal about it. A report says the person who found the message covered up the writing before students and staff returned on Monday.

The sheriff’s office said camera footage showed a man exiting a pickup truck, shaking something and appearing to write something. Investigators reported that school officials identified the man as Rada. According to the sheriff’s office report, the suspect was also seen days earlier doing the same thing.

The deputy in charge of the investigation said he spoke to Rada, who admitted to painting the rock, and also told the deputy: “Everyone paints rocks”, and that he thought that anyone who could paint it.

School officials said they wanted to press charges, and a warrant was sought for Rada’s arrest.

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