Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Blue Cebu Bespoke Bottle Launched

It’s easy to fall in love with Cebu for its rich culture, fascinating heritage and hospitable people. There are also many ways to honor the Queen City. For the couple Charlton and Catherine Seniedo of Sugbo Wine Online Liquor Store, they have chosen to honor “The Creative Capital of the Philippines” by launching the limited edition bottle Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cebu, in collaboration with Johnnie Walker.

Charlton and Catherine, who are also art lovers, said they had dreamed of a bespoke Johnnie Walker Blue Cebu bottle ever since they first encountered the bespoke bottle during their 2019 travels in Scotland and Osaka. Both consider this project “a dream masterpiece” and said it was their love for their business in Johnnie Walker Blue Label distribution for over a decade, their love for the art and their love for Cebu that had inspired the creation of the unique bottle.

Crafted with creativity and insight, the bespoke limited-edition bottle features recognizable elements that are unique and truly Cebuano – the prominent Sinulog festival, a Miss Universe Philippines 2021-inspired queen Beatrice Luigi Gomez, the sweet yellow mangoes of Cebu, the CCLEX bridge, butanding (Cebu whale shark), and the sights of Magellan’s Cross and Lapu-Lapu Shrine.

Two years ago, the Seniedos were already dreaming of what they wanted the bespoke Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cebu Edition bottle to look like, after they first encountered a Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotland Bespoke bottle during their trip to Edinburgh in 2019. .

It was design firm Simmer Studios that brought their vision to life, and in December 2021, Sugbo Wine Online Liquor Store and Johnnie Walker launched the “dream masterpiece.” Only 400 bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cebu Limited Edition Bottle were made available for distribution.

“The Cebu Edition bottle is truly a perfect blend of local Cebu and Scottish cultures in a limited edition bottle design,” Seniedos said.

When asked how they collaborated with the world famous brand with a ‘walking man’ logo, the couple said, “Charlton Trade and Enterprise has been a wholesale partner of Diageo Philippines in the Visayas for 10 years already. August 2021, they offered us this collaboration.

Charlton Trade and Enterprise is the company that operates the online liquor store Sugbo Wine, which is owned by Charlton and Catherine.

To mark this landmark project, an intimate celebration took place at the Business Lounge at the Radisson Blu Cebu on December 16, 2021. The formal and private event brought together VIP guests. Reinforced security protocols for Covid-19 have been put in place.

The first 100 bottles were also distributed during the event. Christian Earl Asiddao, Diageo Philippines Reserve Brand Ambassador, also attended the event, which hosted an intimate mentoring session on how to better appreciate the depth and rarity of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, despite being already a very popular brand.

True Johnnie Walker fans and liquor collectors around the world are also avid fans of the brand’s bespoke whiskey bottles.

“Countries like Japan, Taiwan and the United States have their own limited-edition JW Blue bottles. We want to complement Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s remarkable liquid by creating a beautiful work of art that Cebuanos will truly remember and talk about,” the couple shared.

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