Learn all about Grandpa Jack and Grandma Jacky from the “I Am Jazz” star

Jazz Jennings is a transgender TV personality and advocate who has been in the public eye since she was very young. Jennings, which was introduced to viewers around the world in 2015 when she first started staring in her own reality TV series, i’m jazz, has gone through many trials and tribulations in the eyes of the public. Things haven’t always been easy for the young pop culture icon, but through it all she has been able to count on the support of her family, including her grandparents, who have both been in the show. ‘reality TV-show.

Jazz Jennings was born in South Florida in 2000 to parents Greg and Jeanette Jennings. The family have been open to the fact that the surname “Jennings” is a pseudonym they have taken in order to protect the privacy of their children. Jazz Jennings was diagnosed with gender dysmorphia at the age of five, becoming one of the youngest people to come forward as a transgender person. In 2015, i’m jazz made her television debut, introducing fans not only to the young activist, but also her large and loving family.

Jazz Jennings has three siblings in total, an older sister named Ari Jennings and two brothers, Sander and Griffen Jennings. She also has a set of grandparents who have become the favorites of reality TV fans, Jack and Jacky Jennings. While everyone in the Jazz Jennings family has different personalities and interests, they have all been able to come together with the reality TV star, helping her navigate life in the limelight as a transgender person.

Jazz Jennings attends the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Jack and Jacky Jennings were featured on i’m jazz on more than one occasion, and often in unexpected ways. Memorably, in early 2020, Jack Jennings appeared in a drag show hosted by Jazz Jennings, which she hosted to help pay for her friend’s gender confirmation surgery. “Let me tell you, we all have a bit of the opposite sex in us,” Jack Jennings admitted on i’m jazz, before his drag performance. “I can’t wait to see what comes out. “

In an excerpt from the show, Jack Jennings takes the stage with long pigtails and a red dress, appearing to be having a good time. His wife Jacky Jennings admitted, “The drag show has been one of the highlights of our life together for so long,” while Griffen Jennings joked that “I can’t say that Grandpa is the most. pretty drag queen, I won’t give that to him. But he’s definitely the best of all of us. “

Jazz Jennings and her grandfather have a good relationship, but they haven’t always come to an agreement on all issues related to the transgender community. Notably, in a 2017 episode of i’m jazz, Jazz and Jack Jennings sat down for a chat with members of the trans community.

According to Distractify, a member of the audience explained how he was born a woman, but he doesn’t feel like a woman, saying, “I’m afraid of the hormonal situation.” Jack Jennings responded, noting “I can’t imagine how one could go through a transition without the proper hormones.”

Jazz Jennings took issue with his grandfather’s remark, telling the audience member, “Yeah, I don’t agree with that. If it’s not important to you, then don’t. Don’t listen to my grandfather. Jazz and Jack Jennings continued to back and forth on the subject, with Jazz Jennings later telling the cameras

“I think my grandpa really tries to figure out situations like this, but he ends up shooting himself in the foot. And I think I don’t want to argue with him anymore. It’s not worth it… if he’s right, then he’s right. Because otherwise… He’s right.

Ultimately, the two have a close relationship, with Jack Jennings willing to go out of his way to support Jazz Jennings in any way she needs – even though he’s not always sure what to say.

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