Kids from a real ‘school of rock’ team up with an orchestra to spread a message about climate change

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The children of LS18 Rocks School of Music in Leeds have teamed up with members of Manchester’s famous The Hallé orchestra for an exciting collaboration between rock and classical.

The two musical genres combined to produce three stunning works which premiered with a special performance as The Hallé made a triumphant return to the stage at Leeds Town Hall last October.

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Kids from a real ‘school of rock‘ team up with an orchestra to spread a climate change message The Halle

And a film of the amazing event featuring the songs Urgency, Listen To My Voice and Tidal Turn has now been released. The partnership saw professional musicians from Hallé and their young future rock star counterparts travel back and forth across the Pennines to create the trio of climate-changing protest songs.

This exciting collaboration fuses classic instruments such as viola, double bass, flute and trumpet with a full rock band sound incorporating electric guitars, drums, bass, keyboards and vocals.

LS18 Rocks Music Director Jonnie Khan said: “Our young people have been challenged like never before working with professional musicians who are at the top of their game, and I am so proud of how they have risen to the challenge. the challenge and wrote three amazing songs.

“Climate change is something that is of critical importance to younger generations and they are determined to spread the message through the power of their music.”

Kids from a real ‘school of rock‘ team up with an orchestra to spread a climate change message The Halle

Bea Schirmer, bassist for Hallé, added: “The LS18 Rocks are the most talented and prepared group of young people I have ever worked with. They have great songwriting skills and are already accomplished musicians.

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