Jazz has good options with 30th pick by draft expert

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Utah Jazz season is over and it’s time to put all the attention on the offseason, including the NBA Draft.

With just four weeks before the project arrived, we sat down with Yahoo Sports’ Krysten at a glance who covers both the NBA and the NBA Draft to discuss the end of the Jazz playoffs, some names they should keep an eye out for in the draft, and Utah State big man Neemias Queta.

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Draft options for jazz

The Jazz own the 30th pick in the July 29 draft and will have plenty of names to choose from when looking to add depth to the seasoned roster.

Peek discussed a few players who might be options for Jazz at the end of the first round:

Quintin Grimes – Guard: Houston

A look : “Coming out of high school, Q was a five-star prospect. He was a McDonald’s All-American, he was at the top of his game. After a disappointing year in Kansas, then not playing the combine well, Grimes had to sit down for a year in Houston, then he was AAC player of the year that year and he came back to the combine- thresher with great confidence.

Bones Hyland – Guard: VCU

A look : “A lot of teams were looking at him and their eyes were getting bigger and bigger because when they see him they see a lot of Ja Morant in his game – a lot of Immanuel Quickley in terms of a little guy, only 6’3 and 170 books, but can play very well and do all the right reading.

Sharife Cooper – Guard: Auburn

A look : “He’s around 6’1, but he’s a great playmaker and a great playmaker. Another five star prospect who comes out of high school and has a bit of bluster with him and has a chip on his shoulder.

Trey Murphy III – Forward: Virginie

A look : “He’s more of a two-three winger but I think he still has a lot of room to improve at the next level. I think the NBA game is for him more than the college game. College play is more structured, and he’s more of a fluid wing of the dribble and he has a great first step. “

Rising stock project for Neemias Queta

The big man from Utah, Neemias Queta, was one of the big combine winners. The former Aggie struggled in 2019 after declaring himself for the draft and decided to return to college to work on his game.

The bet paid off as a fat man became one of the best defenders in the country with a chance of being drafted in the first round.

A look : “A lot of teams will tell me, “KP, keep him out of the first round. We really like him ”because they don’t have a first-round pick, so there’s going to be interest there. I think his personality is excellent and I know he did well in the interviews with the team.

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