Jackie Venson: “Texas blues players have a way to control the whole room and make your face melt”

The blues has been an integral part of Austin-based Jackie Venson’s repertoire since she started playing guitar almost ten years ago. She specifically embraced the sheer intensity of the Texas electric blues.

“Every time I hear a Texas blues player, it’s really loud,” says Venson. “They have a way of just ordering the whole room and melting your face. But it’s not some kind of shredded to make your face melt. It’s an intensity that only Texans have, I swear.

Despite that, she hadn’t made a strictly blues-centric album until her last offering, Love transcends. After a few years of playing the guitar, she had started to wander “happily” sonically, incorporating and mixing more genres. She loves how one can push the boundaries of any genre by “bringing in little facets of others”.

It was a particular challenge for her. At the same time, there was substantial interest in hearing his more bluesy side. The fans – and other musicians – kept asking him, “Why don’t you have a blues record? ”

“They have always been curious about what would have been on my [blues record], “she says.” I was never totally opposed to this, but I just never really had the strength to go ahead and do it. When it comes to creative projects, it’s nice to follow my instincts in my mind, and if I don’t think about doing a blues album, I won’t.

But when producer Tim Palmer suggested working on a blues album together, she decided it was time to finally commit. They recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin.

“It’s nice to wrap it up for a little while,” says Venson. “I can do a lot of different things, but I wanted this album to stay really traditional, so I didn’t bring in wacky effects like I usually do. I kept it very simple – clean sound, distortion and reverb. “

She credits her bespoke Epiphone Les Paul for allowing her to channel a “bullets to the wall of the Texas blues” intensity. “It has more presence, more intensity and just more oomph than the Strat that I used to play,” she says. “Like a Texas blues musician, I wanted to kick down the doors and burn down the building.”

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