India blacklists New Zealand vlogger Karl Rock and cancels his visa. Here’s why | Latest India News

India blacklisted Karl Rock, a YouTuber of New Zealand descent for a year for visa violation, ANI news agency reported on Saturday citing officials from the Union Home Office who confirmed this development. The vlogger had previously claimed that the government had added him to the blacklist without giving him a reason after leaving India to travel to Dubai and Pakistan, separating him from his wife and family in New Delhi.

The Centre’s position on the issue was also confirmed by the PTI news agency a day ago. Citing unidentified officials familiar with the development, reported that the Union Home Office has blacklisted Karl Rock for violating visa requirements since the vlogger was found doing business with a tourist visa.

“New Zealand-born vlogger Karl Rock has been blacklisted by the Indian government for violating multiple visa standards,” a ministry official told ANI that day. the visa has been canceled. “

Karl Rock said his wife Manisha Malik was from Haryana and by blacklisting him the government separated him from his wife and family. In a tweet to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Rock highlighted his “struggle” and a petition he has launched in this regard. He also tagged a group of senior diplomats, journalists, as well as officials of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the tweet.

In a video posted from his YouTube channel, the vlogger also claimed he had not seen his wife for “269 days.”

Rock, who has previously been praised by Kejriwal for donating plasma to recover from coronavirus disease (Covid-19), has started an online petition alleging the Indian government has prevented him from returning to India in unfairly adding his name to the Interior Ministry ‘blacklist.

“I left India to travel to Dubai and Pakistan in October 2020 and on leaving they canceled my visa at the airport. They didn’t tell me why. So in Dubai I asked a new visa. They called me for a meeting and told me that I had been blacklisted and therefore they could not issue me a visa to go home, “Rock wrote in his petition.

“Before someone is added to the blacklist, they must be given the reason and the time to respond,” he said, adding: “I was not”.

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