“I just attribute it to good luck” – The Athletic

There was nothing memorable about the Blues’ 7-4 victory over Calgary on January 3, 1987.

The scorers were Mark Hunter (two), Doug Wickenheiser, Doug Gilmour, Greg Paslawski, Mark Reeds and Gino Cavallini, and goaltender Rick Wamsley made 34 saves. It was one of 32 wins for the Blues that season, who finished below 0.500 and lost in the first round of the playoffs.

All these years later, however, the game remains alive in Tom Calhoun’s mind. He was the public announcer at the Arena that night, making his debut behind the microphone.

“I remember being quite nervous, and it was unusual for me because I had been broadcasting for 16 years,” Calhoun said. “But when it came time to start this game, I remember thinking to myself, ‘Why am I nervous? The first half, I was sitting there hoping I wouldn’t have anything to say.

“It was an ad, but it wasn’t sitting in a studio, talking on the radio. It was in front of about 18,000 people while you were doing a job, so it was a whole different atmosphere for me.

Then 35, Calhoun was helping the Blues in a pinch after previous PA announcer Charlie Hodges quit his job to work with a TV production company. Calhoun agreed to end the season but intended to devote his time to his local radio career thereafter.

“But once I started, I really grew up loving it,” Calhoun says. “The problem was that Harry Ornest was the owner of the team, and he was setting everything up to be sold and not spending any money on anything. If I remember correctly, they were paying me $ 25 per game.

“Well, towards the end of the season, they said to me, ‘We really love the job you do.

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