How to avoid blue-green algae

CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – While hot weather can draw crowds to beaches and lakes, some dangers float to the surface. Namely, blue-green algae.

Algae looks like nothing but mud, but high concentrations of bacteria can be harmful to pets and humans. When ingested, common symptoms in humans are rashes, hives, diarrhea, and even breathing problems, and in pets, vomiting, seizures, and disorientation.

Most recognizable by their foul odor, blue-green algae often occurs during the summer months when the waters warm. It comes in the form of foam, scum or fluorescent colors.

But these signs alone are not proof that water is toxic.

“The best practice is to stay out of the water if you see something on the water that looks like algae, or if you are not sure, to just stay out of the water,” Audrey Boerner said. , public health specialist for Eau Claire Health. Department. “You can also check out the Eau Claire Health Department website, and we often close beaches if there’s an issue with the water quality. So this would be another place to check before you go out. at your house.”

Boerner also recommends that people and animals wash themselves with clean water immediately after swimming. If you, a pet, or a child seem ill after swimming, it is important to call your doctor immediately.

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