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CHICAGO (AP) – The Chicago intersection where an actor who appeared in the movie “School of Rock” was killed while riding a bicycle was reported three years ago by a road safety group as ” notoriously dangerous and dangerous ”by a road safety group, but he says no improvements have been made.

In its 2018 study, the Active Transportation Alliance identified the intersection in the Avondale neighborhood, on the northwest side of the city, as a “high collision area” due to its poor visibility and heavy traffic.

Kevin Clark, who played drummer Freddy “Spazzy McGee” Jones in the 2003 film starring Jack Black, was hit by a car at the intersection on Wednesday and pronounced dead in a hospital. Police said a witness told officers that Clark, 32, was driving east on Logan Boulevard when he turned on a red light and was struck by a vehicle crossing Logan on Avenue Western.

Authorities said the 20-year-old driver who struck Clark had received multiple citations and the crash was still under investigation.

Clark’s death has led the transportation alliance to renew calls for safety improvements at the location, which runs partly under the Kennedy Freeway.

“We can only hope that we will see an immediate response before another tragedy occurs,” Jim Merrell, chief executive of the nonprofit organization, told the Chicago Sun-Times. “This was not to happen.”

Merrill said the group made several recommendations to make the intersection, which runs partly under the Kennedy Freeway, safer, but none have been put in place.

Clark was at least the second cyclist known to have been killed at the intersection. Tyler Fabeck, 22, was struck and killed by a driver in April 2008.

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