Google to recruit from local universities as it creates nearly 1,000 jobs for Durham Cloud Engineering Center

DURHAM, North Carolina (WNCN) – the new Google Durham based cloud engineering center will create nearly 1,000 jobs in the town of Bull, and the tech giant is looking to local universities to help fill some of these positions.

Dr. Donna Grant is chair of the Department of Computer Information Systems at Central University of North Carolina. Grant told CBS 17 that Google had already contacted about recruiting.

“I got an email today to get together for lunch and learn and find out where our talent is and to make sure we have a good match between our students and Google,” Grant said.

Google has said it will have around 150 employees at its Durham hub by the end of 2021, and eventually become a team of 1000 employees in a few years. Many of the positions will be high paying engineering jobs.

Grant believes that between the engineer and computer programs at NC Central University and other nearby universities, Google will have a wide range of prospects to choose from.

“For our students, it gives them opportunities that they might not normally have because they would have to go all the way to California,” Grant said.

“I think it’s amazing because they can have high paying jobs and then get rid of their loans and not have their loans. And the cost of living in North Carolina is much lower than in Silicon Valley. “

Google plans to hire its first local employees in the coming months.

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