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Staff Photo / Bob Coupland Gabriella Anderson, 10, a fifth-grade student at Girard Middle School, speaks with principal Julianne Ware, right, at the school on Tuesday. Girard Middle School received a National Blue Ribbon Award for student test scores.

GIRARD – Girard Middle School will receive a special award because the US Department of Education named it the Blue Ribbon National School.

Principal Julianne Ware said the award recognizes school staff and students in grades four to six for their good state test scores and student learning outcomes.

“This was a national nomination submitted last year by a local team who drafted a nomination, and we learned that we had been selected for the award. Ware said.

In 2019, the school had a “A” ranking for test results.

Recognition is based on a school’s overall academic performance and / or progress made in reducing achievement gaps among subgroups of students.

She said the appointments relate to the school’s high test scores and other student data in 2019, what teachers and students have been doing throughout the school year and how staff are supporting students, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ware commended the staff and students for their hard and dedicated work every day at the school.

“We want to celebrate our students who are amazing and hard working. They deserve to be recognized in all respects, not just from the test results ”, Ware said.

She said the test results are only part of the price. It is also based on daily learning and other school programs.

Prospect Elementary for Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes has also received recognition in the past.

District Superintendent Bryan O’Hara said at Tuesday’s school board meeting: “It’s undoubtedly gratifying and a true reflection of our motto at Girard: We are Girard. We are a family and we take care of each other.

He said the award shows the collaboration and dedication of the administration, teachers, students, families and the community.

“We are fortunate here at Girard to have many support resources for all of our students, including our vulnerable population. We are able to integrate the resources into a solid foundation for the benefit of all students ”, O’Hara said.

The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes elementary, middle and secondary schools that are making significant progress in reducing achievement gaps among subgroups of students, or whose students achieve high overall academic excellence.

The US Department of Education authorizes the Ohio Department of Education to appoint 16 public schools each year. At least one-third of the 16 must have 40 percent or more of their students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The nomination categories are Exemplary High Performing Schools and Closing the Exemplary Achievement Gap.

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