Family matters to Bozak – and it has helped him return to the Blues | Blues de Saint-Louis

“Wherever you are, there will be good schools. But at the same time, your kids have their friends. They are comfortable in the places they are. Obviously, you never want to take that stuff away from them, especially if they’re close to their friends and love what they’re doing.

“Maybe later in life they won’t remember it, but it’s a tough decision for sure and there is a lot to be done.”

Considering its relationship with the team and its players, St. Louis always seemed like the place to be. It just took time and a creative approach to get there.

At first glance, Bozak signed a contract for one year and $ 750,000. But there was a lot more there than it looks. Players 35 and over can negotiate performance bonuses in their contract. And Bozak’s bonuses are relatively easy to achieve.

He gets an additional $ 750,000 if he plays in 10 games. He gets $ 250,000 more if he plays in 41 games, which is half the regular season schedule.

Add another 100,000 if the Blues win a first-round playoff series, then $ 150,000 more if they win a second-round series. Add it all up and it could hit a maximum of $ 2 million.

It’s good for Bozak. What’s good for the club is that performance bonuses don’t necessarily have to be factored into the salary cap this season. If the bonus money puts a team above the cap limit, it can be carried over to next season’s cap.

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