Evertonian thanks fellow Blues for saving his life

Evertonian Steve Lyth has promised to reward two fellow Blues with an exclusive Goodison Experience after they saved his life following a sudden collapse.

Steve, 61, suffered heart failure for eight minutes during a bike ride and was later told he had only a one per cent chance of survival, despite his cycling friend and fellow Everton supporter Dave Bush attempted CPR.

Coincidentally, another experienced Everton first aider, Niall Fitzgerald, drove by and took over, before a defibrillator was rushed from nearby Christ Church CofE Primary School, and revived Steve.

He now wants to thank his rescuers in an upcoming Everton home game.

Steve said: “It’s the least I can do to thank them because without the help of these two guys I wouldn’t be here.

“There is a lot more to this miracle story, I would just like the club to recognize what these two fantastic Blues have done.”

Steve, from Ellesmere Port, has a history of heart disease and suffered two heart attacks before undergoing quadruple bypass surgery more than two years ago.

As a result, he started cycling with his friend Dave, twice a week, to improve his fitness and general health.

And it was when they started their trek last week that the life-saving incident unfolded.

Steve continued: “It’s a story of remarkable coincidences and without one of them I don’t know what would have happened.

“We were leaving about an hour earlier than usual, and almost immediately it felt like someone had turned off the lights and everything had gone dark.”

Pictured: Dave (left) and Steve (right); Main image: Dave (left), Niall (right)

Dave immediately began performing CPR, when Niall, who was out racing on a day off and taking an unexpected diversion due to traffic issues, brought his attention to the unfolding drama and offered to help.

Niall, who has 20 years of first aid experience, performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Steve and three rounds of chest compressions, before a defibrillator suddenly appeared via a teacher at Christ Church CofE Elementary School in nearby, located just 50 meters from where Steve had collapsed.

Three charges from the defibrillator, administered by Niall, successfully revived Steve, bringing him back about eight minutes after his heart stopped.

And after being stabilized by an emergency ambulance team and taken to the Countess of Chester’s Hospital, Steve was later transferred to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital in Broadgreen, where he had previously undergone heart procedures.

Steve, back home after having a dual implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) fitted to regulate his heartbeat, added: “Niall was told by the ambulance crew that because I had my previous bypass , there was a 1% chance of resuscitation. .

“For me to survive, every piece of this puzzle – the time, the people, the equipment – it all had to be there within minutes – and it was.

“If I had stayed at home, or gone out at another time, I would have died, if I had been somewhere else, I left and without the defibrillator, I left.”

“Look at it any way you want, and I have my faith, but it’s a miracle.”

The Everton Fan Engagement team are now working with Steve to find a suitable reward for Dave and Niall.

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