Enough is enough! Hoboken to quell fireworks, loud music

Hoboken will crack down on people who set off fireworks and other nighttime nuisances – and fine violators of up to $ 500, Police Chief Ken Ferrante said.

Every night between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., the people of Hoboken were kept awake by the fireworks display, Ferrante said. Residents were also forced to endure loud music, rotating car and motorcycle engines and drinking in public.

Starting Monday evening, a quality, high-visibility police deployment will roam the streets, complementing regular night patrols, Ferrante said.

“I have also asked Mayor Ravinder Bhalla and his administration as well as the city council to consider proposing legislation banning both the sale and use of fireworks in the city,” Ferrante said. .

The Hoboken Fire Department will participate in inspections at local stores to ensure illegal fireworks are not being sold. State law in 2017 legalized many forms of sparklers and fireworks, but explosive and aerial fireworks remain illegal.

Last week, Jersey City announced that it was dedicate a unit to end the fireworks display being shot all over town. Several videos posted on social media showed people pulling out Roman candles.

Ferrante is asking witnesses to set off fireworks late at night to contact the police department at 201-420-2100, as the driving occurs.

“Whatever the reason, the timing of the driving is unacceptable and causes problems for Hoboken’s more than 53,000 residents and first responders,” said the police chief. “We are taking immediate action after what our residents and agents dealt with over the weekend.”

Ferrante said the number of large groups gathering on the waterfront, playing loud music, setting off fireworks, drinking and urinating in the parks “must be taken into account.”

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