Elden Ring speedrun record is now under 9 minutes

A month ago, Elden Ring speedrunners broke the 30-minute mark for completing FromSoftware’s expansive open-world adventure. It was impressive. Now, thanks to sophisticated glitches and advanced techniques, runs are under 9 minutes. Ridiculous. Come see.

It’s the “Distortion2” runner, who has cut times considerably since breaking the 30-minute mark. The race gets wild from the start, dropping from the starting area across the world and into Stormveil Castle. A series of glitches propels the Terni across the world to hit Crumbling Farum Azula before the two-minute mark. And from there, glitches avoid fighting bosses before a short sprint until the end at 8:57.

I’m a little vague to avoid spoilers so watch the video if you want. Guess it shows so little of the Elden Ring that you could stare at it and not understand a thing, but you’d see endgame areas and bosses, so maybe it’s best not to?

I’m in awe of the smoothness and weirdness of races crawling with everything, and would love to see a silly race like this on Summer Games Done Quick or otherwise with full explanations. But I’d also be interested in a glitch-free (or less gitchful, at least) race that speeds to the end with efficient route planning, neat builds, and absolute mastery of violence.

The unofficial speedrun leaderboards on Speedrun.com follow an “All Memories” category, where players must obtain all major boss souls and appear to fight some of them (although many issues are still in play). It takes a lot longer, obviously, with the current record being 92 minutes.

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