Easter Country Music: Five Country Gospel Songs to Listen to on Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, all of you.

In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to put together a quick list of the best and newest country gospel songs for this particular Sunday. Last year I covered 15 of the greatest country gospel songs of all decades and some of the artists most legendary genres, which you can check out here.

It seems that country artists more than any other genre have so many crossovers with the contemporary gospel/Christian genre.

Maybe it’s because so many artists love Carrie Underwood, alan jackson, Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn and so many others grew up singing in church and have had such a strong connection to music since childhood.

And over the last two years, we’ve had quite a few artists, like Carrie, Brent Cobband even willie nelson release some good country gospel music.

So here are five of my favorites from more recent times that you can add to the reading list today over lunch with the family:

Brent Cobb – “Rugged Old Cross”

Brent covered the classic anthem “Old Rugged Cross” on his recent album And now on to the page…, and the production here is absolutely perfect. It looks like a Sunday morning in a small white church:

Willie Nelson and Family – “I’ve Been Thinking of You, Lord”

The great Willie Nelson released a “spirit-driven” album with his family in November, and you can’t beat his sons, Lukas and Micah, singing along with their dad to his beautiful song “I Thought About You, Lord.” :

Carrie Underwood – “My Savior”

As I’ve already said, My saviour is still my favorite thing Carrie has ever done, and her live performance of “Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus” with Bear Reinhardt is absolutely amazing:

Reba McEntire – “Amazing Grace”

Reba recently released his own gospel album, My chains are gone, and did a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace / My Chains Are Gone”. There’s nothing better than hearing her sing the classic anthem of all classic anthems on a day like today:

Randall King – “I’ll Fly Away”

Randall King release sound Leanna EP at the end of 2020 after the death of his sister, whose name the project bears, and his soft and nasal voice is so magnificent on this track:

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