Discounts on Honda cars [May 2022]

Check out all the offers and discounts available on all Honda car models currently on sale in the Indian car market

Honda Cars India has announced exciting deals and discounts for its vehicles this month. If you want to buy a new car right now and Honda feels like it, be sure to check out all the official discounts available on the brand’s cars in May 2022.

Honda Amaze, the brand’s most affordable model, has no cashback or trade-in bonuses this month. A corporate discount of Rs. 4,000 is however offered on the small sedan. Given its popularity with Indian buyers, it’s no surprise that there aren’t too many offers.

As for Honda’s sedan – Jazz – it comes with a cash rebate of Rs. 10,000. A trade-in bonus of Rs. 5,000 is also offered there, along with a corporate rebate of Rs. 4 000. Buyers can also choose to get free accessories worth Rs. 12,158 instead of the settlement discount.

2021 Honda Amaze facelift exterior

Honda WR-V, the manufacturer’s only SUV offering in the Indian market, is available with a trade-in bonus of Rs. 10,000 and a corporate discount of Rs. 4,000. discount on the Honda small crossover this month.

On the fourth-generation Honda City, there is no cash rebate or trade-in bonus. The fifth generation model, on the other hand, enjoys a cash rebate of Rs. 5,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs. 5,000. Buyers can also opt to get free accessories worth Rs. 5,396 instead of the cash discount.

honda wr-v facelift-4 2020

Discounts on Honda cars – May 2022
Model Cash discount Trade Bonus + Company Discount
Honda Amaze 0 + Rs.4,000
Honda Jazz Rs. 10,000 (or free accessories worth Rs. 12,158) Rs. 5,000 + rupees. 4,000
Honda WR-V Rs. 10,000 + rupees. 4,000
Honda City (4th generation) 0 + Rs. 8,000
Honda City (5th generation) Rs. 5,000 (or free accessories worth Rs. 5,396) Rs. 5,000 + rupees. 8,000
Honda City e:HEV No discount
Loyalty bonus available on all Honda cars, worth Rs. 5,000
When exchanging an old Honda car, the exchange bonus is worth Rs. 7,000 (available on all models except Amaze)

On both generations of Honda City, a corporate discount of Rs. 8,000 is offered. As for the hybrid version of the sedan – City e:HEV – there are no official discounts available on it.

For existing Honda car owners, a loyalty bonus of Rs. 5,000 is available. Moreover, when an old Honda car is traded in, the trade-in bonus is worth Rs. 7,000 (available for all models except Amaze).

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