Cowboy, country music singer Josh Ward grateful to be alive after rodeo injury

Many of you may recognize Josh Ward as a Texas country music star. However, in August he was doing what he really loves, riding, when he was badly injured.

“He couldn’t go anywhere. We were in a sticky situation, so when he left he put his foot in my stomach,” Ward explains, explaining how he got stuck under his horse.

He had no idea of ​​the enormous damage that had been caused by this rapid movement.

“I’ve had worse things that weren’t life threatening,” Ward thought at first. “This one was [life-threatening]. I passed out on her pretty quickly. I arrived at the hospital and my blood pressure was 70/40.

Dr. Paul Evans, a trauma surgeon at Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands, immediately took Ward into the operating room and likened his injury to a car accident.

“It’s the same as what you would see after a seat belt injury. It’s almost exactly the same. It’s called a bucket handle injury, a loop of intestine is torn of his blood supply, and so you have to go out there and fix that,” Dr. Evans explained.

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While seat belts save lives, blunt force trauma in a vehicle crash can cause a bucket handle injury, Evans said.

Ward said he took two months to recover, but got back in the saddle immediately after getting the all clear. Now he feels grateful to be alive.

“Was that supposed to happen?” To come home and spend time with the family? You know, being so busy on the road, was that a red flag to say, ‘Hey man, you know, get back to being yourself,’” Ward wonders.

Since being hospitalized during the height of a COVID surge and unable to have visitors, he is especially grateful to his medical team who showed compassion when his family could not be by his side. He said one of his nurses even saw him in concert recently.

“I always told him, the next time you see me, you won’t see that guy lying in that hospital bed. You’re going to see another side of me, and she said, “That’s what I want to see!” said Ward.

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Ward’s next local performance will be at Montgomery County Music and Mudbugs Feast on March 26.

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