Country music stars to take control of the Globe with local album release

Renee Therese will be heading to the Globe Theater in Palmerston North for an evening of country music this weekend.

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Renee Therese will be heading to the Globe Theater in Palmerston North for an evening of country music this weekend.

The release of a local artist’s album will bring a herd of country music stars to an urban scene this weekend.

Palmerston North musician Renee Therese returned to her roots to release her second album on stage at the Globe Theater this Saturday night.

The country music album “Better with Friends” will live up to its name, inviting award-winning country music artists from ManawatÅ« and Whanganui to perform alongside it.

“After my first album, I would have liked to collaborate with other people because you can always create something better with others than alone.

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“[The album] features a lot of different musicians who are my friends. Some of them are country musicians or people I’ve worked with in bands over the years.

The album had been recorded with artists from all over New Zealand in Christchurch, Auckland, Manawatū and Pahīatua, but his voice was captured in his own home.


Inside the stomach; a one-of-a-kind recording and performance venue in Palmerston North.

“The voices were recorded at my house in my son’s room because we share a computer.”

Thérèse released her debut album in 2013 with a contemporary pop twist, but getting into country music seemed natural to her.

“It was a bit like going back to my roots as a country music artist.

“I came back to where I started. I found where I was supposed to be and found myself.

It costs a lot to make an album, but she’s not here for the money.

“I’ll never make money with what it costs me, so you don’t do it for that, you do it because it’s a passion.”

Thérèse intended to release another album in the future, but she had not yet chosen a genre.

“I have no idea. I’ll see what inspires me.”

Tickets for the Renee Therese show can be found on the Globe Theater website. Tickets cost between $ 11 and $ 22.

The artists who took the stage to support her were Kiwi country music stars Sophie and Stevie Toyne, Florence Mataki, Lexus and Sam Hirst and Elaine Holden.

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