Country music stars arrive in the days of Nebraskaland

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – The Nebraskaland Days concert lineup will include Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert in the final days of the festival. The Nebraskaland day board of directors shared their enthusiasm for concert numbers during a conference at Viaero Wireless.

“These are people at the peak of their careers and we as an organization are delighted to bring them to North Platte,” said David Fudge, Executive Director of Nebraskaland days. “Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert offered the opportunity to come out. When you have names like this and you’re ready to play our market, you jump on it. “

Nebraskaland Days brings people from across the region together, adding that Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw could potentially make Nebraskaland Days a regional festival.

“It’s not just North Platte or Lincoln County,” Fudge said. “It’s part of our job to bring people to town. When people come from Denver, Kansas City Sioux Falls, they stay overnight in our hotels, go to our local restaurants, and shop in our stores.

This big announcement will have an even greater economic impact on the community.

“This in turn moves the needle of what he does for our local business community,” Fudge said. “Nebraskaland Days brings in millions of dollars and hands it over to North Platte. We are very proud of our community of North Platte. Nebraskaland Days are one of those things that give our community a chance to show others who we are and what we are. We show our city and we are proud to be the catalyst.

Tickets go on sale September 29 and can be purchased at

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