Country music legend Slim Lehart and the stars of the Jamboree reunited last night

Wheeling, WV (WTRF) – There aren’t many successful people in the Ohio Valley, but the story of country music legend Slim Lehart isn’t a story you all hear days.

Lehart has been known for his music for decades, and he returned one last time to perform with the stars of the Jamboree.

It’s been a long time, but this brings Slim Lehart and the stars of the Jamboree back to nights like these.

“When you play music with someone regularly, and I think everyone will agree, ‘You are family,’ and often you are closer than family.”


For them, Lehart is a music legend.

He earned his own star at the Capitol Theater and he has been a country music artist at the Capitol Music Hall for decades.

But Lehart’s roots were first planted in Wheeling… where he was on the jamboree. In 1965 he just played as a guest, but four years later he became an actor.

“I had a really good experience in country music and met a lot of great people.”

Slim Lehart, country music legend

He’s even met some of the biggest names in country music, like Johnny Cash.

“In 1966 in Nashville, Johnny Cash actually opened for me. It’s a fact.”

Slim Lehart, country music legend

And all these decades later, he still calls it one of his greatest performances.

“And I thought, ‘It can’t get better than this: on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee at midnight signing autographs with Johnny Cash. So that gave me a lot of confidence. afraid of anyone at the time.

Slim Lehart, country music legend

The music took Lehart everywhere… from up and down the East Coast to Canada, and even New England.

“I’ve played everywhere in a lot of states. I don’t even know how many. Ha!”

Slim Lehart, country music legend

But nothing beats the friendly city.

“Slim, it’s a real ham, but you know it’s like that. He loves Wheeling. He always promotes Wheeling. It’s a real gem, and it’s a real honor to come.

KAREN MCKENZIE, friend of Slim

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